Monday, September 28, 2009

Window shopping, Cuteness, and Darley

Wyatt is a really enthusiastic window shopper. He LOVES to go to the stores and look at the toys, I rarely buy him things... but he just thinks it's the greatest. Today, was no exception... we were at Costco and they have a bunch of toys out for the holidays and everything Wyatt saw he would say "Oh, mom, look at that toy... isn't it awesome?!?!" or "Oh wow, that's a big ol' _______!" and I would nod and agree and say things like, "Yah! That's the biggest _______ I have ever seen! Awesome!" He is so fun to shop with because everything is SO AWESOME to him!
Makes even simple trips to Costco quite enjoyable!

And, since my kids were being particularly cute this morning... I snapped a few pictures of them...

Right now Wyatt has one of his best friends, Darley, over. They are destroying the basement and having a grand ol' time! So far no one is hurt... at least I think they are still alive... well, they were when I took this picture...
Wyatt loves Darley... and having to clean up a huge mess is a price I am willing to pay when I see how much fun they are having together!
Oh, and they are still alive. I checked.

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Alyssa said...

Darling pictures of the kids!