Monday, June 30, 2008

I'm such a dope...

Chris, Wyatt and I decided to go swimming in our pool... we were swimming having a good time and then I was like "I wanna use the noodle!" (for those of you who are totally clueless and have no idea what a noodle is... it's a long tube you float on in the water) So, I am in the process of climbing out the deep end so I can grab the noodle and jump back in, and Colt, our dog, starts licking my mouth YUCK! So, I try to push/smack him away from me so I can finish getting out of the pool, and he moves, because he is way faster than I am, and I smash my hand into the cement, jam 2 of my fingers and take a huge chunk of skin off the tip of my pointer! AUGH! I was so frustrated... at the dog, at the noodle for being so far away, but mostly at myself for over reacting and being such a dope!


Some of you may know this already, but we have started a Christian clothing company - Lux Aeterna Clothing. Check out our shirts at Help us by spreading the word.

An Ode to Amber's Phone - by Chris

You piece of junk
You two year commitment that I was only 4 months in to
Why did you have to leave at the worst time possible,
20 months before we qualified for a new phone
You are so selfish
Now where does this leave me? What am I supposed to do now?
Did you ever think of that?
No you didn't, you only thought of yourself
Now I have to buy a brand new phone at full cost
And what kind of phone can I afford for my lovely bride?
A piece of string attached to a tin can

At least it gets better reception than you did.


I started using gdiapers with Wyatt 4 days ago and I am a believer! He has had a nasty little diaper rash for over 2 months and in the 4 days since switching to cloth diapers the rash is completely gone! Just so you know... gdiapers are the way to go!

Ode to my Phone

This is an ode to my lost phone...

Phone I miss you! But I wish you well.
Phone I miss you, and I wish I was with you still.
Oh, phone why did you leave me?
Oh, phone where did you go?
Phone why did you have to fly off the roof of Connie's car into the road and now I can't find you anywhere??
Why phone Why?
Phone, phone, phone

Ok, so I lost my phone... incase you didn't get it!


iblog.... I have come to the conclusion that nobody is somebody unless they have their own blog... thus I became somebody today when I created the Hughes Family blah blah blah blog! Yeah for me! iblog!