Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The sound of silence

I love nap time! I have to admit that there are many days that nap time cannot come soon enough, and there are other days when nap time comes and goes and naps are not taken... just depends on the day, the events (either before or after), the attitudes of the kids, and of course the attitude of the mother (aka me).
Today was one of the days where I didn't really care if naps happened... so I popped in a movie for Wyatt to watch... he fell asleep... and soon after him Icyle fell asleep. They are so cute all snuggled up on the basement bed. So, I got my camera (like I usually do) and took this picture...

So, I am sitting here... watching a movie, listening to the heavy breathing of the children sleeping, and writing this blog... it is a sweet sound... the sound of silence (almost).

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Alyssa said...

Oh I LOVE it! Emmett always asks to sleep with Eisley and I tell him that he's got to wait till she's older. Also Eisley has never been interested in TV, so your scenario would not work in our house, which makes me appreciate your picture even more. But anyway, the sweetness of this picture is just amazing!