Monday, August 31, 2009

Bed jumping, Exersaucers, Dino shorts, and movie watching

After waking up at 3:45 this morning (when Chris had to get up to go to work) I couldn't fall back to sleep. I started thinking about money... you know when you start thinking about something you can't change at 3:45 in the morning, but you worry about it anyway? Yah... that was what I was doing. I started thinking about how I never paid the water bill because I forgot and how I was afraid they were going to come shut our water off and then we would have to pay the $75 fee it takes for them to turn it back on and well... it was just silly (I mean really... are they going to come and turn the water off at 3:45 in the morning? No. I think not!)
So after thinking about it for about an hour and a half I finally fell back asleep only to be awakened very shortly after by Wyatt, who is my early riser... I convinced him it was still night time (thanks to dark curtains), got him a cup of milk, and brought him in bed with me. He fell back asleep and we didn't wake up till almost 8:00... it was wonderful!
The first thing I did this morning, well after feeding Icyle, was pay the water bill (which wasn't even actually over due, I just thought it was), then I made some breakfast from the last few pieces of toast we had left in the house (nothing like toast with some cinnamon and sugar on it for the 5th day in a row), got my workout clothes on and then headed off to the gym to meet up with my friend Michelle (Darley's mom for those of you who know about Wyatt's obsession with Darley).
My butt now hurts every time I move and my legs feel like they could buckle at any moment... but it was a good workout! After the gym, Wyatt insisted that Darley was going to the grocery store with us, even though she was going home. We made it out of the grocery store with enough food for the week and only spent $36!! I know, I am impressed too! Nothing like living on a super tight budget!
So, after the gym and grocery store, we came home, ate some left overs for lunch while we watched The Iron Giant, and then it was nap time. Yeah! We all took naps... I heart nap time!
After nap time we played and I took some pictures of my children... Jumping on the bed... and hiding under the covers
Riding on mommy's back... and choking mommy in the process...
Playing in the Exersaucer... and being absolutely adorable...
Wearing dinosaur pajama shorts over our clothes
because we love dinosaurs SO much...
And watching movies while we wait for daddy to come home from work...
(this picture was taken last night... are they not just precious? But they did watch a movie... just not in their pajamas...
they need to take a bath first)
So now here we are... waiting for the most exciting part of our day... daddy coming home from work! Wyatt is playing play-doh and bugging his sister... Icyle is laying next to me on the couch and getting poked in the face, tummy, head, nose, etc... I am writing this blog (obviously) and very soon it will be bath time and pajama time and then hopefully soon after that Chris will get home from work so the kids can enjoy him before bedtime! And I can enjoy him after that! (Not in a dirty way... seriously... get your head out of the gutter!)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

When daddy's away children must play

This is what we've been doing tonight while we've been waiting for daddy to get home from work...

Playing in our bumbo seat... eating our burp cloth... playing with the new favorite toy: the butterfly rattle...and you know, being cute as usual!

Wyatt decided to play with toys and play a quick game of memory... which is more like match the pictures and pretend to play a game...
but this last picture is my favorite because when I asked him what he was doing he said, "I am looking for baby Jesus, he's missing and I need to find him!"
Ofcourse baby Jesus is going to be found in his toy bin... duh!
So, when daddy's away, my children must play... that's just how we do it!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Blurry Pictures

The non-blurry pictures from our day today....

And, in attempts to try to salvage my blurry pictures... I started messing around with them and trying to make them look cute even though they were blurry... so here are some of the pictures I took today that were blurry... but with a little tweaking I think they ended up looking kind of fun.

Friday, August 28, 2009


My day honestly didn't start out all that spectacular... in fact I thought it might end up being one of "those days"... you know the kind I am talking about... the kind where you are cranky and the kids are cranky and all you can do is yell and discipline and yell some more (What? You've never had a day like that? Hmm...)... anyways, much to my surprise the day ended up being very lovely and even quite refreshing!

After a quick jaunt to the grocery store this morning to pick up a few items for my pasta salad I headed over to my dear friend and mentor's house. We get together about 2 times a month to eat, talk, drink coffee, and talk some more.... it is really quite wonderful. We often talk about child raising.... partly because I am in the midst of raising children and also because she has been through the process already and has lots of wonderful, biblical advise to offer me. Today was no exception... we pulled out our 'Shepherding a Child's Heart' book (by Tedd Tripp) and dove right in. I try to be very honest with her about how I am doing on my being consistent with disciplining Wyatt and where I am struggling with issues and so on (you know the struggles that come when I have "those kind of days"). She is always so encouraging and even when she corrects me, it is done in an encouraging and refreshing way... she really is just refreshing to be around.

We always try to plan our time around the kids naps, so when Wyatt and Icyle lay down, we start our french press coffee, grab our books, pour and sweeten up our coffee, then sit on the couch with both our books and our coffee (and sometimes some treats) and we read and talk and laugh and cry and just enjoy ourselves.... and that is what we did today!

As I was sitting there with Martha, my good friend Caroline called and asked if I would take their kids tonight so they could have a date night (we have been trying out this swapping kids for date night thing that works out really well). I said I would love to watch the kids and that Wyatt would love to have some playmates for the evening. So when we got home from Martha's house I quickly picked up our house that I had left a mess when I ran out the door on the way to Martha's house (What? You never have a messy house? Good for you!) Once the house was decent looking I did the dishes quick and by the time I was done, they were here.

Ok, so, Wyatt loves the Bisagni's... "Emertim (aka Emerson) is my best friend!" "I love Emertim, Aiden, Adelaide... thems my friends!" "Yeah! Emertim's comin to my house! And Aiden too! And Adeliade too!" "The Bisagni's are at my house? I am so happy!" Ok... so these are all things he said after he heard they were coming over... he was so excited he couldn't even eat his dinner... funny kid! They all played so well together, with the exception on one bite, a couple pushes, and a few hits, other then that it was great!

Wait. It gets better!

When Caroline and Francis came to pick the kids up, Francis fixed our clogged up disposal side of the kitchen sink! It was awesome! We had talked to the landlord on Monday about it and he said he was going to call a plumber (which if he did never showed up) and now, Friday, 4 days later our good friend comes and does it for us... really, such a blessing! And an added perk, while he was fixing the sink I got to hang out with Caroline... she's one of my favorite friends... just the kind of person you can't help but like... and she, too, is quite refreshing to be around!

So now that I look back at this day, the day that I thought had potential to turn out rotten... I think... wow... Thank You Lord for giving me the opposite of what I expected! Thank you for a day full of refreshing fellowship and sweet memories... for a day that turned out to be rather lovely!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

my day...

I didn't do a whole lot today.
I did some laundry, not as much as I should have, but I did some.
I cleaned 1 out of 4 bathrooms, not as many as I was hoping to get done, but there is always tomorrow... right?
I didn't even have to make lunch today. My hubby decided he wanted McDonald's dollar menu food... so, well, that's what we ate.
I had a headache most of the afternoon... I think it was because I was tired, but I chose to talk on the phone to my dear friend Michelle Banker instead of taking a nap... totally worth it... but unfortunately because I had the headache, it made me not want to do anything this afternoon.
I finally made myself go to the gym... even though I really didn't want to... but I am glad I went. I did a Zumba class... so fun... I look utterly ridiculous when I do it, but still fun.
After we got home I make some chicken and green beans for dinner, gave the kids a bath, and put them to bed.
Now I am writing this blog and thinking about the laundry I didn't do earlier and wondering if I should go do some. Maybe I should...
But before I head off to my mountain of laundry I will post a few pictures for your viewing pleasure... they were taken this afternoon when I realized my children were dressed in matching colors... see?

This last one is my favorite! Sigh... seriously... I love my kids!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

These days...

These days I don't always remember who is who... I accidently strapped Wyatt into the baby bouncer instead of Icyle... ok... no I didn't do it on accident... and I do know who is who... sometimes. But Wyatt insisted the bouncer was for big boys too... so I strapped him in, took a picture, and walked away... ha ha... he didn't think it was funny anymore when he realized he was stuck in the baby bouncer... after that he decided it was indeed for babies and not big boys... Icyle is always rolling from her back to her tummy... but then she gets stuck because she doesn't remember how to roll from her tummy to her back... even though she's done it before... she just can't seem to figure it out.... but I know she'll get it one of these days...
Wyatt is still dinking as much milk as ever these days... and now he wears nifty safety glasses just incase... you can never be too careful when drinking milk... it can get pretty dangerous...
Well, he was actually wearing the nifty safety glasses so he could help Chris "fix" the garbage disposal... which didn't actually get fixed because we have no idea how to fix it... now to call the landlord... I hope it gets fixed one of these days....
Another bit of exciting news around here these days is that Wyatt finally started going poopoo in the toilet! We have been potty training for awhile, but this is a new development in the potty training adventure...
Well, that is just a small glimps into our lives these days... there is many more things going on... but well... these are the things I to pictures of...

Happiest Baby In The World

Ok, I know I can't for sure claim that I have the happiest baby in the world, but I am pretty sure it's true! Icyle is a delight to be around! She is all smiles and all giggles these days! I hardly ever hear her cry and if she does all you have to do is smile and her and she starts smiling too! I am so thankful that the Lord blessed me with an extremely happy and content baby!

Oh and please ignore how ridiculous I sound in this video! :)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Roll baby, Roll

It's official... Icyle is on a roll.
Or maybe I should say she can roll over.
She has perfected rolling from her back to her tummy... and would probably roll all over if she could now just remember how to roll from her tummy to her back... but she seems to have forgotten that one.
Either way, she is very quick to roll from her back to her tummy anytime I lay her down, and I bet if she would just lean her head to one side, she would just keep rolling.
I know she will be soon so I wont push it... I kind of like her staying where I put her... it's nice knowing she will pretty much be in the same place that I left her... the only exception to that rule is when Wyatt drags her across the room claiming "Baby Icyle is crawling mom!" (true story).
So anyways, I guess all I will say is that Icyle is not crawling, but rolling over... not quite as big... but for 3 months old it's pretty exciting!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I am going home today!

I am going home today.

I am not going to give up my seat on the airplane... nope. Not even for another $300 voucher.
I am not going to miss my flight... nope. I am going to check the monitors every 5 minutes and make sure I am sitting at the right gate. (third times a charm, right?)

I am going home TODAY!

I am not going to eat at McDonald's like I did the last two days while I waited at the airport... nope. I am going to be adventurous and get something new.
I may still get a Caribou treat... yep. Just because they are so yummy and we don't have them in Texas.

I am going HOME TODAY!!

I am not going to call my daddy and have him come pick me back up for the third day in a row... nope. Instead I will call and say "I made it on my flight! I love you daddy!"
I am going to go see my husband whom I miss so much... yep. And I'm gonna kiss him.


I am going to wear my own pajamas to bed tonight and not the ones I borrowed because our bags flew to Texas and we got stuck in Minnesota... again... yep. I will proudly wear my totally non-sexy stripped elf pajama pants.
I am going to give my kids baths and put them to sleep in their own beds (wearing diapers that are their size)... yep. And they will sleep in tomorrow morning.


I am going to miss my family here in Minnesota... yep. But there just comes a point when you have to say good bye.
I am going to end this never-ending vacation... yep. Because I am going home today.