Monday, September 21, 2009

Losing weight... my new journey

I have struggled with my weight my whole life. So, trying to lose weight is not a new thing for me to do. But since I've had Icyle, I just can't seem to stay on track. I will lose weight and then gain some back, then lose some more, then gain some back... I am still losing, just not nearly as quickly as I would like to be.

And I know the reason... I love to eat. And I don't think this is a horrible thing, I just think I need to be choosing the right things to eat. Like maybe instead of eating cookies, I should be eating apples. I think the key to me losing weight is eating more fruits and veggies... but for some reason these arn't the things I choose to eat.

So, I talked to my mom, who also wants to lose some weight, and we decided we would have a friendly compitition to see if we can motivate each other to lose weight. Not sure what the "prize" will be, but for me, just bing able to fit back into my old clothes shoud be motivation enough. Should be, but it obviously isn't since I'm not losing weight.

So, anyways, today, I am starting a new chapter... turning over a new leaf... starting over... I am really going to make some changes today and I AM going to lose weight and be back into my clothes by Christmas. That gives me 3 1/2 months (roughly) to lose at least 20 lbs.... but over all I am hoping to lose 50-60 lbs by next summer.

So, if you have any suggestions on how to lose weight faster... tips, healthy recipes, things that motivate you, etc.. let me know! Any and all help I can get I am sure can only help me on this weight loss journey!


Mrs. Nichole J. said...

You and me BOTH!
I'm just happy I that I have lost almost all of my prego weight... and that was ALOT.. lol :-D I just seem to be a standstill now... And I know its cuase I dont watch what I eat cuase I figure he eats it off me! LOL If I did I would TOTALY start to lose more... sigh... Getting back into my NORMAL clothes would be AWESOME!!!!

citydweller said...

The first day is going well but it is only an hour after lunch! I need to keep on task! See your email for a fun little quiz on whether you should give into cravings or not.

John, Jamie & Hailey said...

Yeah...I feel ya! I have lost the preggo weight, but I stil have that pesky 20 pounds of Texas weight to get off!! I think the big thing for me was not snacking. I know they say that you should eat 6 times a day...but that doesn't work for me. Somehow I let that small 6 meals turn into 6 regular I haven't eaten all day meals! So for me it has been not snacking that's really helped take it off. ;) I wish you the best of luck though. I'm tired of wearing fat pants!!!