Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The sound of silence

I love nap time! I have to admit that there are many days that nap time cannot come soon enough, and there are other days when nap time comes and goes and naps are not taken... just depends on the day, the events (either before or after), the attitudes of the kids, and of course the attitude of the mother (aka me).
Today was one of the days where I didn't really care if naps happened... so I popped in a movie for Wyatt to watch... he fell asleep... and soon after him Icyle fell asleep. They are so cute all snuggled up on the basement bed. So, I got my camera (like I usually do) and took this picture...

So, I am sitting here... watching a movie, listening to the heavy breathing of the children sleeping, and writing this blog... it is a sweet sound... the sound of silence (almost).

Monday, September 28, 2009

Window shopping, Cuteness, and Darley

Wyatt is a really enthusiastic window shopper. He LOVES to go to the stores and look at the toys, I rarely buy him things... but he just thinks it's the greatest. Today, was no exception... we were at Costco and they have a bunch of toys out for the holidays and everything Wyatt saw he would say "Oh, mom, look at that toy... isn't it awesome?!?!" or "Oh wow, that's a big ol' _______!" and I would nod and agree and say things like, "Yah! That's the biggest _______ I have ever seen! Awesome!" He is so fun to shop with because everything is SO AWESOME to him!
Makes even simple trips to Costco quite enjoyable!

And, since my kids were being particularly cute this morning... I snapped a few pictures of them...

Right now Wyatt has one of his best friends, Darley, over. They are destroying the basement and having a grand ol' time! So far no one is hurt... at least I think they are still alive... well, they were when I took this picture...
Wyatt loves Darley... and having to clean up a huge mess is a price I am willing to pay when I see how much fun they are having together!
Oh, and they are still alive. I checked.

Monday weigh in...

...2 pounds down!

This week has not been fabulous as far as the whole losing weight... but in the end I am down 2 pounds! I think it is really only because I worked out, not because I ate well. I had good eating days and I had bad eating days... so, now if I can just figure out how to make them all good eating days, I will be set!

I really want to lose weight, not because I am a vein person, but partly because I just want to be able to wear my regular clothes and partly because I just want to prove to myself I can do it. I have never been the "skinny girl" or even considered "thin", in fact most of my life I was the "fat girl" and it wasn't until college that I even realized I could really lose weight.

When I started college I weighed close to 230 pounds. I wore a size 20... yep... 20. When I got to college, I thought I would gain that freshmen 15 and just have to learn to be content being the "fat girl". But to my total surprise I lost almost 60 pounds in a matter of months... to this day I still have no idea what I did or how I lost it.

I remember walking into American Eagle and for the first time ever I was able to fit into their jeans... I remember grabbing a size 16 and when I tried them on they were too big... I was shocked... so I grabbed a size 14 and they fit! I think I might have shed a few tears of joy and I vowed I would never be that fat again... and I haven't been... well, I was when I was pregnant with Wyatt... but not when I was not pregnant.

8 years later I am wishing I knew what I did to lose that weight... not that I need to lose that much... or that I am that fat, but I think it would be really nice to just lose weight without having to work at it or think about every thing I am putting in my mouth. Why can't it just be easy? Why does it have to be this constant battle for me? I don't really know... but I do know it is not a battle I am planning on losing!

Next Monday morning I will weigh in again, and I plan on being down more then 2 pounds! I have a few size 12 jeans in my closet waiting for me to be able to fit back into them... and my goal is to be in them by Christmas! Wish me luck... I have a lot of work ahead of me... and I am sure I will have my share of bad eating days, but I am really REALLY hoping that the good eating days will out weigh the bad! And yes... the pun was intended :)

Happy eating!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

How many clicks does it take to get a good picture?

I think my kids are really cute... I mean what mom doesn't think their kids are just adorable? But how can they be so cute...

like this...
And yet... I take pictures and they look like this...
Wyatt looks like he needs to go to milkoholics anonymous and Icyle look well... the word special comes to mind... Or this one... Wyatt looks like a goober...
and Icyle was totally distracted by Wyatt's hand...
And who knows what Wyatt is doing in this picture...
and Icyle apparently didn't get the memo to open her eyes... Wyatt was almost ready for this one...
and Icyle was ready for this one to be over with..."Wyatt, don't pick your nose! And get your hand away from your face!" ...Oh yah, that much better... just stare at me... yep, just like that...So close... almost got it... Finally... a cute one of both of them... together!

For the record it is much easier to photograph one of them...

Saturday, September 26, 2009

A big ol' dolphin, a big ol' T-Rex, and a baby who likes to eat

Yesterday we went to this big "garage sale" at the civic center in New Braunfels. I told Wyatt he could pick out something to buy, and I wasn't going to be too picky unless it cost a ton of money, but most of the things there were priced pretty cheap, so I wasn't too worried. Well, Wyatt found this ridiculously large dolphin stuffed animal and he had made up his mind that he had to have it.
As I was thinking about the scenario in my head when Chris would see that I let Wyatt buy a giant stuffed dolphin I said out loud, "Your dad would kill me if I got that for you." Wyatt stopped what he was doing (which fyi he was swinging the life sized dolphin around and knocking things over... including small children) and asked, "Why? Why dad kill you for getting me this dolphin? Why mom?" I tried to explain, "Dad wont actually kill me... he just wouldn't be too happy if I let you bring that thing home." Wyatt was now more confused. "Daddy doesn't like me to have this big ol' dolphin mommy?" He asked so sweetly so I said, "Yes, daddy doesn't want you to have it... but... who cares! You can get it if that's what you really want!" This cheered him up... so along we went with the big ol' dolphin.
About 5 minutes later I heard Wyatt yell "MOM!! LOOK AT THIS BIG OL' T-REX!!!" (yes... he really says big ol' all the time) I turned around and sure enough... there was a big ol' T-Rex... it was in a big ol' box with a big ol' hot wheels play set... a city you put together and the T-Rex destroys it type thing... so I said (thinking I was clever and that he would never be able to do it), "If you can carry that big ol' box the whole time until we are done, then you can get it."
Well, he did it... I don't know how... but he carried/ dragged/ pulled/ pushed that box the whole rest of the time we were there.... so... I bought it for him. He is extremely happy to have another dinosaur and I... well... I didn't know it was a roaring dinosaur when I bought it.

In unrelated news... Icyle ate her first real food today! (Well, if you don't count the chips her friend Adelaide tried to feed her, the piece of mac and cheese Wyatt fed her, the bread she grabbed from my plate or the random crumb Wyatt fed her off the floor the other day.)
She ate yummy baby cereal mixed with mommy's milk... I think it went well for the first time!

Now, I just need to teach her to give herself a bath afterwards and we'll be set!

Dear Gramma...

Dear Gramma, I love my new Dolly!
Can you tell?
You're the best!
Thanks Gramma!

Monday, September 21, 2009

my children...

Icyle is all over the place these days... she rolls and scoots and gets where she wants to go... the other morning I was doing some things on the computer while Icyle was playing on the floor... I wasn't paying attention to her and all of a sudden I felt something grabbing my toes... I moved the computer off my lap and saw this...
She was SO happy that she made it over to me... and I was so happy that she was so happy! I love this little baby so much... she brings me SO much joy! It makes me melt when I look at this precious girl and she smiles at me... sweetest thing in the whole wide world!
And a funny Wyatt story...
We went to the park the other day for park day. We get together with a group of our church friends and go to the park, the kids play and us moms talk and menu plan... fun times.
So, we were at the park... the next day I was doing laundry, I was separating clothes by colors into different baskets and I found the shorts Wyatt wore to the park... I threw them into an empty basket and I heard a loud THUMP... I thought, "hmm... that's odd... most clothes are not heavy enough to make that loud of a thump noise." So I picked them up and I sure enough they were rather heavy... so I checked the pockets and found...
Acorns! Lots and lots of acorns!
Apparently, Wyatt had been collecting acorns the whole day we were at the park... there were so many acorns his pockets were full! I laughed out loud... it was SO funny and totally Wyatt! I don't know what it is with this kid and acorns... this is not the first time I have found his pocket full of acorns... and I am sure it wont be the last!
I am really glad I found them before I put the shorts in the laundry though... it would be really annoying to be cleaning acorns out of the washer and dryer!

Losing weight... my new journey

I have struggled with my weight my whole life. So, trying to lose weight is not a new thing for me to do. But since I've had Icyle, I just can't seem to stay on track. I will lose weight and then gain some back, then lose some more, then gain some back... I am still losing, just not nearly as quickly as I would like to be.

And I know the reason... I love to eat. And I don't think this is a horrible thing, I just think I need to be choosing the right things to eat. Like maybe instead of eating cookies, I should be eating apples. I think the key to me losing weight is eating more fruits and veggies... but for some reason these arn't the things I choose to eat.

So, I talked to my mom, who also wants to lose some weight, and we decided we would have a friendly compitition to see if we can motivate each other to lose weight. Not sure what the "prize" will be, but for me, just bing able to fit back into my old clothes shoud be motivation enough. Should be, but it obviously isn't since I'm not losing weight.

So, anyways, today, I am starting a new chapter... turning over a new leaf... starting over... I am really going to make some changes today and I AM going to lose weight and be back into my clothes by Christmas. That gives me 3 1/2 months (roughly) to lose at least 20 lbs.... but over all I am hoping to lose 50-60 lbs by next summer.

So, if you have any suggestions on how to lose weight faster... tips, healthy recipes, things that motivate you, etc.. let me know! Any and all help I can get I am sure can only help me on this weight loss journey!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Potty training moments...

While I was cooking dinner tonight, Wyatt came up stairs totally naked.

Now, I was pretty sure he had a pull-up on when I sent him down stairs (actually I know he had one on) so I looked at him, you know the "mom look" and when he saw that he said "I peed in my pull-up."

So I said "Ok so where is your pull-up?"
"I peed in it, I tell you!" (insert attitude here)
"Yes... and where is it?"
"On the rocking chair."
"Ok, go get it please and bring it up here to throw it away."
"No, I'm fine right now." (totally a Wyatt thing to say)
"Ah, no... you need to go get your pull up... now."
"Ok mom."

I heard him walk down the stairs and then I heard "Oh no! Someone pooped on the floor down here!" (Gee... I wonder who that could be... hmm... maybe the kid who came up stairs naked?!?!)

So, I walked (ok, more like ran) down the stairs and sure enough someone had pooped on the floor. Awesome.

"Wyatt? Why did you take off your pull-up and poop on the floor?"
"Why I do that?" (typical response to any of my Why did you...? questions)
"I don't know! Why did you do that?" (typical response to his typical response)
"Because my pull-up was wet and I had to go poopy!" (oh yes. Now I see. Makes total sense.)
"Wyatt Moses it is not okay to poop on the floor!" (my oh my the things I hear myself say!)
"Why? Because I get spankings?"
"No. Because it's really gross that's why!"
"It's really gross and I shouldn't poop on the floor anymore?" (ding ding ding... right answer!)
"Yes, it is really, REALLY gross and I would really, REALLY like it if you would go poopy in the toilet from now on!"

And that was that. We cleaned up the mess and I put a new pull-up on Wyatt.

I am really hoping he gets the hang of this potty training thing soon!


This is what we do in the mornings around here...Stay in our pajamas as long as possible...
Play and have fun...
Enjoy being together...
and take pictures to document it.

Makin' Pasta

We had a fun family day yesterday.

Chris was home from work and he had been wanting to try the pasta maker that we borrowed from our friends. Pasta is really easy to make, time consuming, but easy... all you need is flour, eggs, salt and water... so simple even Wyatt can make pasta!
eww... I got flour on my hands...Wyatt's very own pasta dough
Rolling it through the pasta maker...
Look ma! I made pasta!
Helping daddy with his "big pasta"
Wyatt waiting for his pasta to be cooked Eating his very own pasta, which he made, rolled and cooked himself!
The boys had a great time making pasta together... I helped a little... but I mostly watched, took pictures (so I could blog about it later), and I took care of Icyle who was happy being well, happy... I took pictures of her too.
This is what Icyle did while the boys made pasta...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

An afternoon with the Bisagni Family

Homemade meat, cheese, and basil stuffed ravioli
with homemade alfrado sauce and roasted red peppers... 15 dollars.
Artichoke and red pepper salad... 5 dollars.
Bread with homemade pesto spread... 4 dollars.
Homemade almond bars... 6 dollars.
An afternoon with the Bisagni's... Priceless.

(all dollar amounts are estimated and might not depict the exact price of food)

Emerson (3), Wyatt (2 1/2), Adelaide (2), Icyle (4 mo)
Adelaide loves Icyle!
Happy Birthday Adelaide (it's her b-day today!)
Emerson and Icyle... everyone loves Icyle!
All the kids
Aiden, Emerson, Wyatt, Adelaide, Icyle

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Corn on the cob for a bedtime snack? Yes please!

I made corn on the cob tonight... I intended to cook it and then put it in the fridge to eat tomorrow. I left it on a plate to cool before I put it in the fridge and Wyatt discovered it.

He asked, "What's this mom? Is this our dinner?"
I replied, "No, we at dinner already. It's just corn on the cob."
He then said, "Oh, I love corn on the cob!"

So I offered him a piece.

The way I see it is that corn on the cob tastes best when it's freshly cooked and who cares if it's 8:30 at night!

So, we enjoyed our corn on the cob bedtime snack.

And then he was gone.