Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Little Brown Bear vs. The Hammer

Let the water wrestling match begin!
The main event: Little Brown Bear vs. The Hammer
"Ok, let's play fair now Hammer." The Hammer goes after Little Brown Bear.
Oh no... looks like it's over for Little Brown Bear...
how will he ever get out of this tickle torture hold?
Look at that... Little Brown Bear has freed himself from the tickle torture hold that The Hammer has on him!
OH NO! The Hammer pounds again...
when will this tickle torture end?
Little Brown bear needs to do something fast!
What? Little Brown Bear has freed himself from the tickle torture and now has The Hammer on his back... this is a miracle.
Wow! The Hammer is now at the mercy of Little Brown Bear...
"Say Uncle! Say Uncle!"
This doesn't look good for The Hammer...
looks like Little Brown Bear is giving him THE BEAR HUG!!!
"Uncle!! Uncle!! I give up! Igive up!"
And the Winner is LITTLE BROWN BEAR!!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

off to the pool we go

We spent the afternoon at our community pool.
I have been wanting to go since we moved in but everytime I had planned to go something would come up like the pool being cleaned, Wyatt's nap running over, Icyle needing to be fed, someone calling, or it just getting to late by the time we have a chance to go. So, anyways, we finally went yesterday.
We got ready, walked to the pool, got to the gate only to find out my pool key doesn't work (got to call the landlord today and get that figured out)!!! Luckly, some nice family helped us out and opened the gate for us.

Icyle got a new swimsuit... it was on sale at target so we had to get it and of course she looks SO cute in it! And it has a ruffle on the butt... adorable! A family picture, we hardly ever get one of all of us together... are we cute or what?
Wyatt and I in the pool... yep, I was rockin' the pool hair... nice!
Gramma and Icyle... she was so content in the water... what a water baby!
Wyatt jumping into the water... by the end he was just jumping in and I wasn't even really catching him... he has no fear!
It was a great afternoon to be in the pool!
We had a great time!
Papa was there too, but he was the photographer... so he didn't make it into any of the pictures... and Chris came to the pool too, but he didn't go swimming.
I love summer days at the pool!

The morning round here....

Our beloved gramma and papa arrived on Saturday!
We have been fitting as much fun into our days as possible.
One of the most fun things about having gramma and papa here are the mornings.
Waking up and just being able to spend time together is so great!
Here are some snap shots from our first morning together...
we all look fabulous as you will see...
unfortunatly gramma is not pictured and Chris was at work already.... Wyatt wanted to sit on my lap (and only my lap) while he ate his toast....
Icyle and her papa...
Icyle is quite the smiler these days...
Icyle adores her papa and I think he is quite fond of her too...

One last one of Wyatt and I...
And as I sit here right now writting this, we are enjoying yet another morning together... just playing and having fun!
Right now papa is reading up on Alyssa's blog,
gramma is loving up on Icyle,
Wyatt REALLY needs a diaper change (but is trying to convince us he doesn't) and looking at pictures of Emmett and Eisley on Auntie Aly's blog with papa,
Chris is preparing to head off to work (boo),
and I am well, writing this blog and enjoying the joys of my children being loved on by their beloved papa and gramma...
This is what our morning will be like for the next week! I love it!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

"Wanna play a game?"

So last night Wyatt was playing with his little animal toys while I was feeding Icyle.

He really like to have conversations with his animals (which probably means he needs to get out more) and I over heard him say:

Wyatt (being Wyatt): "Wanna play a game?"
Wyatt (being an animal): "Oh sure! Thanks."
Wyatt (being Wyatt again): "Oh! Ok, I be right back!"

I saw Wyatt run past me and then back to his animals. I guess I didn't think much of it until later when I was done feeding Icyle, I got up to go get something from the kitchen and I found this....

His animals were playing game boy!!
ha ha ha... I laughed out loud and then I grabbed my camera to capture this funny thing my adorable son did!
Thanks for making me laugh little man!

The saddest face that you ever did see

I know I know, mean mommy,
taking pictures while the baby screams her head off,
but if I didn't then we would never have these pictures
to see how cute she is when she cries.

Friday, June 26, 2009

It's 5pm... do you know where your kids are?

It's 5pm... do you know where your kids are? I know where mine are! Still napping!! And, for your information, we are still in our pajammas too. Hmm... what does this say about our day?

Well, I will tell you what it says...
it says... maybe we don't give a stink about what you think.
Or maybe it says... we don't have a working washer right now so we don't have many clean clothes.
Or maybe it says... we cleaned the house all day and never found the time to get out of our pajammas.
Or maybe it says... Chris and I kept our kids (and us) up too late last night so we could go to a bbq at 10:30 at night.
Or maybe it says... we spent too much time doing nothing today.
Or maybe it says... we were preparing for the arrival of our beloved gramma and papa tomorrow.
Or maybe it says... mom decided to play on facebook while Wyatt watched a movie and Icyle napped.
Or maybe it says... mom didn't realize it was already 5pm and thought she had more time in her day.

All of the above are true.

So, it's 5pm, this kids are sleeping and we are still in our pjs.... how was your day?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

When the Bisagni's come to play

The other day the Bisagni's came to play at our house while Aiden was at VBS. We love the Bisagni's... they are some of our best friends! Wyatt has become really good buddies with Emerson (or Emertim as he would say), Adelaide, and Aiden (who, like I said, was at VBS). Their mom Caroline is one of my dear friends... we have a great time together and she makes a mean carrot cake (which she was SO kind to bring a piece to share with me).
We all played and then for snack time the kids had crackers... mostly because that was they only snack I had in the house... and while we were eating Emerson said, "Aiden's at HEB!" (which for you MN peeps, HEB is a grocery store). Then I said "Oh, do you mean VBS?" and Emerson said "Yeah. HBS." It was really funny... I couldn't help but laugh!
Here are some pictures of the kiddos during snack time.... Wyatt and Emerson... they are too cute together!
Adelaide... she is one of the cutest little girls in the world and she loves me... I'm pretty much her favorite! he he... I love it!

And my adorable Icyle... she didn't get a snack... but she enjoyed hanging out in her swing while Caroline and I ate some delicious carrot cake (seriously it was so awesome!) and some yummy coffee (which she also brought... she is so great!) and then, while the kids played and Icyle slept, she helped me get the kids room put together and she cleaned their bathroom!! Again... she's so great!
We love when the Bisagni's come to play! A good time is had by all... well... there were a few small incidents... like Wyatt accidentally smacking Adelaide in the face and a finger or two getting pinched in the closet doors... but over all I would say it was a success and that we all had fun!

Wyatt and Icyle

mmm mmm good

Wyatt really wanted to go swimming... but the pool was closed for cleaning. He was SO sad about not being able to go swimming so I cheered him up with his fave food, goold ol' mac and cheese. He really enjoyed eating it... as you can see! Look at those adorable fingers... he is so cute when he eats!Later that evening Wyatt and I made, as he called it, stick dinner! He was such a great helper! He made 2 sticks of veggies... one had like 5 or 6 pieces on it and the other had 2 or 3. He kept taking bites of the veggies and sticking them back in the bowl... good thing it was just our family who was eating them! Then, when we actually ate the food, he only ate the chicken and one bite of a red pepper... and he only ate that because Chris told him if he didn't eat it he couldn't got for a bike ride. Funny kid!
It was a day of food fun at our house! Mmm mmm... good!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Wyatt's Girlfriend

Wyatt and Darley holding hands at the River
Eating at Chipotle... yum

Besties (or "best frems" as Darley would say)

Giving Darley a great big kiss!

After a long day of swimming with our friends, the Kaspers, we went and ate at Chipotle.
After dinner I asked Wyatt if Darley was his girlfriend and he excitedly said "Yeah!!"
Then Darley said "Yeah! Darley girl frem!"
Then Wyatt laid a big fat kiss right on Darley's lips!
I think I am going to have to keep an eye on this one!
He is a true ladies man!

Look at those cheeks!

She is just an adorable, chubby, baby
with wonderfully delicious cheeks that I can't help but kiss!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Packing and Unpacking

I hate packing... but I think I hate unpacking even more.

When you are packing all you have to do is make sure everything gets shoved, I mean placed, into boxes. And you know that if you run out of room in one box all you have to do is get another box and just keep going.

But when you are unpacking you can't just shove stuff where ever it fits, you have to find a place to put everything. This is hard no matter where you move, but it's REALLY hard when you move from a 4 bedroom house to a 2 bedroom townhouse (which is what we did).
We moved to be closer to Chris' work, we chose to rent because we are not 100% sure where we want to live in San Antonio, and we chose a townhouse because it was in a great location and because it has very little, practically no, yard work. Which is nice for Chris since he works a lot.
We like our cozy little new home, but now we have the delema of finding a home within our home for all of our junk, I mean stuff.

Thus, I hate unpacking.

Someday soon (I hope) all off our junk, oops... did it again, I mean stuff, will have a home inside of our new home and we will be able to get back to normal life.
And when I say "normal life" I mean Wyatt wont be able to watch endless hours of movies each day, laundry will get done, Icyle wont have to scream her little head off while I unpack just one more box, the house will be clean (sort of... well, more like picked up), Chris will have clean clothes, we wont have to run down to the garage to find that last thing we need to make our outfits complete, and I, I will get back to showering everyday (or at least on a somewhat regular schedule).

And this is a picture of Wyatt the day before we moved... he too hates packing!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wyatt's funnies

Wyatt has some very funny things he says lately... here are some ones that made me laugh out loud...

"My feet are taking a nap!!" - said when his feet fall asleep

"Where are me?" - said when he is hiding "Oh!! Here I am!" - said (very excitedly) when he finds himself

"Oh yeah!" - said all matterafactly when he thinks he knows what you're talking about

"Oh no!! What happening?" - said (more like yelled) pretty much every time he is watching an "intense" part of a movie

"You mean like, may I have poop come out of my butt please?" - said very confusedly when I asked him why he didn't tell me he had a poopy diaper

"Well... I watch a movie anyway!" - said very snotty to me when I said he couldn't watch anymore movies (I didn't give in... but it made me laugh... darn!)

"I know, look at this place!" - said in a proud/ surprised voice when I tell him he's made a mess

"What doin' guys? Why laughin' guys?" - asked to Chris and I when we were laughing about something that had happened
He is a funny kid! I think I'll keep him!

Oh and he made his first joke yesterday... Chris told him to go get him a Dr. Pepper out of the fridge... which Wyatt loves to do... and he came back with a jar of sweet relish and said "Here is your pop daddy!" and had a super funny look on his face... then we all laughed and he said "I just kidding daddy!" as he walked back to the kitchen to put it back and get a real pop.

I can't help but love that kid!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"I hold Baby Icyle?"

This question is heard many times a day...
Wyatt is always asking to hold his baby sister... he loves her SO much...
but unfortunately, she is not always into being held by her loving big brother...
it starts out OK... every one is happy...
but then she gets a lion roaring in her face...
then she really freaks out...
then Wyatt loses interest...
and this is how poor baby Icyle is usually left after her dear brother gets bored of holding her...