Thursday, September 10, 2009

Corn on the cob for a bedtime snack? Yes please!

I made corn on the cob tonight... I intended to cook it and then put it in the fridge to eat tomorrow. I left it on a plate to cool before I put it in the fridge and Wyatt discovered it.

He asked, "What's this mom? Is this our dinner?"
I replied, "No, we at dinner already. It's just corn on the cob."
He then said, "Oh, I love corn on the cob!"

So I offered him a piece.

The way I see it is that corn on the cob tastes best when it's freshly cooked and who cares if it's 8:30 at night!

So, we enjoyed our corn on the cob bedtime snack.

And then he was gone.

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Alyssa said...

haha, guess it looked like a better than it actually was at 8:30. Oh well, cute pictures at least