Thursday, July 30, 2009

Friday, July 24, 2009

How can he sleep like that?

Yesterday was a fun day full of fun things!

I went to the gym and did a kickboxing class and Chris and Wyatt went to a free movie at the movie theater. I got my butt kicked. They ate candy and pop. I felt like crying. They laughed at the movie. A good time was had by all. Fun...

Later Icyle and I went to my good friend, Caroline's, house to get my haircut and my eyebrows threaded. Wyatt stayed home with Chris and they took a nap. Fun...

After I got home from Caroline's house, we cleaned the house and did some cooking. Wyatt and I made a delicious lasagna and a very tasty cherry cobbler which we ate with our friends Tom and Crystal. It was a fun night... Chris was happy to hangout with his friend Tom and I am happy Tom is finally married so that I can talk with Crystal while the boys talk about MMA and UFC. Fun...

After they left, Wyatt went to sleep and I fed Icyle. I got Icyle fed and she fell asleep. So I went upstairs to put her in bed and I found Wyatt sprawled out on his bed with his jammies unzipped and his toy dolphin and whale shoved under his legs and I thought to myself "How can he sleep like that?" So I put Icyle down for bed and went and grabbed my camera. Things like this just must be documented... it's just too funny!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bath Time Babies

Bath time is a favorite around here!
Wyatt is my little super star bath taker... he pretty much asks to take one everyday!
Icyle doesn't ask to take baths, but she sure enjoys them!
I give the kids baths together (who really has time to do more then one?) and they love it!
Icyle is so happy watching Wyatt play and Wyatt loves entertaining Icyle... it's a win win situation if you ask me.
Anyways, after bath time tonight, the kids were laying next to each other on the floor...
they were being so cute together...
Wyatt was making Icyle smile and she was just adoring him.
So I, like every good mother would do, had to grab my camera!

Here they are... my little bath time babies...
Man, I love these kids!

We got our pool key! YEAH!!!

Today we finally got our pool key!!! We had a key that was supposed to be for the pool... but it didn't work and today we finally got the right key for the pool... so we had to go swimming of course! So we invited Wyatt's friend, Darley, and her mommy, who just so happens to be my good friend, Michelle, over to swim with us... we had an awesome time... we went to the pool that has a 2 foot kiddie pool too... it was great! The only problems were some pushing... which happens with 2 year olds... and that the ground was so hot Wyatt got 2 blisters on his toes from the hot ground... ouch!
We took these pictures while we were waiting for Darley and Michelle to get here...Icyle was obviously thrilled to be going swimming, as you can tell from her face!
Wyatt on the other hand... he hates swimming... NOT!
Wyatt was being a great big brother and making sure Icyle didn't fall off the step while I was taking the pictures!
Wyatt was so happy to be going swimming and Icyle is just ecstatic too!
Wyatt is just so excited he can't contain himself...
and Icyle was getting a taste of his hand... yum!
We had a fabulous time swimming and playing with our friends!!
Wyatt learned to "swim" under water all by himself today!!! I am so proud of my little man!
He and Darley are both super star under water swimmers... they can both hold their breath under water and "swim"... they are too darn cute!
And now both my kids have fallen asleep while I have been writing this post...
Wyatt is on the floor next to me and Icyle is in her bouncer... ahh... I love how swimming just zonks them right out... too bad it is only 5:00 pm and not bed time yet!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

like brother like sister

My little man...

He's a
sister loving,
daddy wrestling,
mommy kissing,
play-doh playing,
milk drinking,
movie watching,
joke telling,
diaper wetting,
puzzle doing,
blankie carrying,
PB&J eating,
snuggle loving,
music dancing,
friend hugging,
playground running,
toy hoarding,
barefoot feeting,
bath swimming,
nail clipper obsessing,
dinosaur roaring
little man

Doesn't get much cuter than this!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

ahh... the moments....

Icyle is learning to sit up in her bumbo chair....
she loves it most of the time... but sometimes it makes her so sad...

As I was taking these adorable pictures of Icyle I heard a noise coming from the bathroom...
I armed myself with my camera...
tiptoed to the door of the bathroom...
stuck the camera in and snapped this picture...

Wyatt's "Oh shoot she caught me!" face.

"May I have a treat please mama?"

Notice how fast Wyatt changes from sad to happy when he remembers he has a treat to eat... what a funny kid... gotta love him!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Corpus Christi Beach

In the car on our 2 1/2 hour trip to the beach

As you can see

we were all thrilled
to be going

to the beach...

Fun in the sun, water, sand... it was the perfect day to be at the ocean....

loving the water.... escaping a wave...

mom and me... and Icyle... sound asleep

dad and me

gramma and Icyle enjoying the water and Wyatt soaking up the sun

It was a delightful day!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Since Chris and I have moved to our new house we have wanted to try this place down the street called MoMaks... it specializes in Malts and Burgers... so, for those of you who know us, know it is our kind of place!
We went there last night with our beloved gramma and papa... it was really yummy! We all got chocolate malts and a burger (well, Chris got a Philly Cheese Steak) and then we got a huge basket of fries and onion rings (which were so totally awesome! Seriously, best onion rings I have ever had... EVER!) to share and Wyatt got his own kids basket with dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets... he thought that was awesome! Here are some fun pictures of us all....
They have unusual centerpieces at MoMaks... Wyatt discovered that there was a removable condiments basket
in the middle of the table...
he pretty much spent the rest of the night as our centerpiece...
Here he comes!
Going down for a breather...
or to chew his food and drink his milk...
Mom... she truly enjoyed her MoMaks experience...
Chris thought the malts were great...
I personally think my dad's malts are just a tad better!
I liked the fries...
but I was pretending it was one of those awesome onion rings...
but they were gone already :(
Dad liked his malt too... can't you tell from this picture?
Papa and Icyle... she wanted to go play
Gramma and Icyle...
Icyle was waiting for us to finish eating so that she could get some food!
He loves me... and he should... I'm great!
Ok... so gramma and papa were trying to get a picture with the grandkids...
nope, try again!
Almost... but nope... try again...
Nope... and this is pretty much how our night ended....
It was a lot of fun! We enjoyed ourselves and our malts and our burgers! I think Chris and I will be going back in the future... and this time we know that the onion rings are the way to go!