Saturday, September 26, 2009

A big ol' dolphin, a big ol' T-Rex, and a baby who likes to eat

Yesterday we went to this big "garage sale" at the civic center in New Braunfels. I told Wyatt he could pick out something to buy, and I wasn't going to be too picky unless it cost a ton of money, but most of the things there were priced pretty cheap, so I wasn't too worried. Well, Wyatt found this ridiculously large dolphin stuffed animal and he had made up his mind that he had to have it.
As I was thinking about the scenario in my head when Chris would see that I let Wyatt buy a giant stuffed dolphin I said out loud, "Your dad would kill me if I got that for you." Wyatt stopped what he was doing (which fyi he was swinging the life sized dolphin around and knocking things over... including small children) and asked, "Why? Why dad kill you for getting me this dolphin? Why mom?" I tried to explain, "Dad wont actually kill me... he just wouldn't be too happy if I let you bring that thing home." Wyatt was now more confused. "Daddy doesn't like me to have this big ol' dolphin mommy?" He asked so sweetly so I said, "Yes, daddy doesn't want you to have it... but... who cares! You can get it if that's what you really want!" This cheered him up... so along we went with the big ol' dolphin.
About 5 minutes later I heard Wyatt yell "MOM!! LOOK AT THIS BIG OL' T-REX!!!" (yes... he really says big ol' all the time) I turned around and sure enough... there was a big ol' T-Rex... it was in a big ol' box with a big ol' hot wheels play set... a city you put together and the T-Rex destroys it type thing... so I said (thinking I was clever and that he would never be able to do it), "If you can carry that big ol' box the whole time until we are done, then you can get it."
Well, he did it... I don't know how... but he carried/ dragged/ pulled/ pushed that box the whole rest of the time we were there.... so... I bought it for him. He is extremely happy to have another dinosaur and I... well... I didn't know it was a roaring dinosaur when I bought it.

In unrelated news... Icyle ate her first real food today! (Well, if you don't count the chips her friend Adelaide tried to feed her, the piece of mac and cheese Wyatt fed her, the bread she grabbed from my plate or the random crumb Wyatt fed her off the floor the other day.)
She ate yummy baby cereal mixed with mommy's milk... I think it went well for the first time!

Now, I just need to teach her to give herself a bath afterwards and we'll be set!

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Alyssa said...

Good job Icyle! That is so cute, how Wyatt says "big 'ol" - so glad you've documented that.