Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year's Eve!

Gone are the days when New Year's Eve was spent dressed up with some place to go... yes... long gone. Tonight, the eve of a new year, was spent like most any other night... with my beautiful children (I would have spent it with Chris, but he was hard at work).

I tried to make it a little bit of a special night...

like for instance...

bubbles in their bath....

and crazy bubble hairstyles to go with it...

and I let the kids splash big splashes, stand in the tub, and yell "Happy New Year!"...

and after bath time we had a pajama party movie night in which we watched Night at the Museum 2 and ate delicious tortilla pie with homemade guacamole and homemade salsa and played in the toy box...

as seen here...

and as usual... Icyle enjoyed the free entertainment...

So, like I said... long gone are the days of dressing up and going out on New Year's Eve... but I don't miss it... how could I when I have these 2 wonderfuls to hang out with?

Purple hats and dinosuar shirts...

Icyle eating her doll and Wyatt re-decorating the tree... he informed me that he was doing a great job so I shouldn't worry... thanks Wyatt!

Sporting her purple hat and a snotty nose... cuz thats just how we do it!

Let me hear you ROAR!

My beautiful baby girl!

My handsome little man!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009



.... I could just stare at her all day ....I love this little baby.

Out of the mouth of Wyatt...

I have been wanting to write this post for awhile, but this first one, that happened tonight, cracked me up so much that I decided I had to write it down so I didn't forget it.... so here are some of the things I have heard Wyatt say over the last few days that have just cracked me up....

Wyatt to Icyle while he was trying to play trains and she was trying to destroy his track:
"No no little honey, touch it again and you'll get a spanking... okay... you touched it... now you're getting a spanking!"

Wyatt to me while I was using the restroom:
"Mom... did you go poopoos? Do you need me to wipe your bottom?"

Wyatt to me after he used the restroom:
"Mom, I went to the bathroom... now say, 'Oh honey I am so proud of you! Okay, mom, say that."

Wyatt to me after I made tortilla soup for dinner:
"Oh mom, how did you do this!?! How did you do this food? This is berry berry wonderful... and it has carrots, right mom?" (yep) "and chicken..." (yep it does) "and, oh, what's this? Chips!?!? Do you remember there is chips in this tortilla soup!?!"

Wyatt to me whenever my phone rings:
"Mom, your phone's calling you."

Wyatt to Icyle whenever she cries:
"Oh, baby girl... oh, it's okay baby girl..."

Wyatt to me when I was flicking Icyle's hand for touching the Christmas tree:
"No mom... I love her! I love my sister... don't flick her!"

Wyatt to Chris when they are playing super heroes:
"Come on Superman, lets shoot bad guys."

Wyatt to anyone who calls him Wyatt:
"No, my name is Batman!"

Wyatt to me on Christmas morning as he was opening a present:
"It's a box... oh thank you mommy... thanks for this box!"

Wyatt to Icyle as I was helping her open her present on Christmas morning:
"Oh, baby girl... Oh, that's just 'dorable!"

Wyatt to me as he was getting his pjs on:
"Oh look, I can make my penis move... cool huh mom?!"

Wyatt to me as I was feeding Icyle:
"Mom, is that baby food?" (yep) "Oh, I am eating boy food."

Wyatt to me while we were eating sausage at breakfast:
"What sausage is?" (it's meat and it comes from pigs) "No silly... we don't eat pigs!" (yeah we do... sausage comes from pigs) "No mom, sausage comes from the grocery store!"

Wyatt to me while I was cracking eggs for breakfast:
"Oh mom, can I help you pop eggs? I love popping eggs!"

Oh, Wyatt, how I love you... thanks for bringing so much laughter and joy to my life!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Silence is deceiving...

Wyatt has pretty much always been the boy who stays in bed once he is put there. 

I remember the very first night he slept in his big boy bed I told him, "Wyatt, if you get out of bed you will get a spanking." He got out of bed, he got a spanking. With that time included I can count on one hand the number of times he has gotten out of bed.... until yesterday. 

I decided to take a nap while the kids were napping, Icyle and I have been sick with colds and she has not been sleeping as well as normal, thus, I have not been sleeping as well as normal. So, I laid down with Icyle in my bed and once I heard silence I let myself drift off to sleep thinking that both the children were asleep... however, silence is deceiving. 

About 30 minutes to an hour after I finally drifted off to dreamland I heard foot steps coming up the stairs... this startled me and caused my heart to jump because my dear children were sleeping, or so I thought, and my dear husband was at work... all of a sudden over the corner of my covers I saw Wyatt... little stinker scared the crap out of me. 

As soon as he saw my face I could tell he remembered what happens to little boys who get out of bed...  

And as fast as he had come clomping up the stairs, he went clomping right back down them. I found him hiding by the couch with his blankie over his head... he is not a very good hider by the way. He got his spanking and a gentle reminder that we do not get out of bed. And off to bed he went, again. 

Now, I don't think he has ever done this before... but it makes me wonder... if he had not been so loud coming up the stairs, I would have happily slept the afternoon away and he would have... I don't know... played the day away perhaps? Who knows what kind of trouble he could have made.... I don't even want to think about it really.

All I know is that silence is deceiving and I will be double checking from now on!

Sunday, December 27, 2009


We spent Christmas at Chris' parents house. On Christmas eve Wyatt (with the help of mommy and grandma) built his first ever ginger bread house... it went something like this... one treat for the house, two treats for Wyatt, until all the treats were gone... we had a great time making it though!

Later on Christmas eve we all got together to eat and open presents...

Super baby!

Wyatt and daddy looking at his new train table!

We had a wonderful time with Chris' parents and siblings. The kids loved playing with their presents and Chris and I were super excited about our new Wii and Wii fit!! (Chris is actually setting it up as I blog!)

On Christmas morning, our family opened our family gifts while waiting for the egg bake and cinnamon biscuits to bake...

The kids together on Christmas morning...

Wyatt playing with one of his new dinosaurs...

Icyle really enjoyed chewing on the ribbon...

Wyatt loved his new gun from Gramma and Papa...

This is the face Chris made when he thought he only got season 2 of the Justice League...

This is the face he made when he realized it was season 1 and 2...

Icyle loves her new baby doll... it's a boy!

Wyatt loved his new legos from Gramma and Papa!

The best present we could ever get...

Icyle getting some tickles from her daddy...

The kids... gotta love Wyatt and his guns!

Boys and their toys!

Christmas morning family photo

Me and my honey! I love him so much!

After we ate our delicious breakfast we spent the afternoon playing...

Icyle is cutting another tooth so she is all about chewing on things!

Wyatt and some of his new toys... he LOVES his guns!

Chris as a Mii... looks just like him!

Icyle finally zonked out from all the fun we had...

One last picture before we head home.

It was a fun Christmas!

Off to the coast for the day...

On the Wed. before Christmas, my wonderful husband had the brilliant idea to head down to the coast. 
It was such a gorgeous day... 80 degrees and sunny... pretty much perfect if you ask me! 

We spent the afternoon sight seeing and playing at a park by the ocean....

After we played the afternoon away we went to Chris' Mecca... The Original Whataburger...

It was a really cool Whataburger... we ate upstairs looking over the ocean... it was pretty cool!

After dinner the kids were tired so we loaded back up in the car (after buying a homeless man dinner and giving him a Bible) and drove back to home. It was a fun way to spend the day!