Thursday, September 17, 2009

Potty training moments...

While I was cooking dinner tonight, Wyatt came up stairs totally naked.

Now, I was pretty sure he had a pull-up on when I sent him down stairs (actually I know he had one on) so I looked at him, you know the "mom look" and when he saw that he said "I peed in my pull-up."

So I said "Ok so where is your pull-up?"
"I peed in it, I tell you!" (insert attitude here)
"Yes... and where is it?"
"On the rocking chair."
"Ok, go get it please and bring it up here to throw it away."
"No, I'm fine right now." (totally a Wyatt thing to say)
"Ah, no... you need to go get your pull up... now."
"Ok mom."

I heard him walk down the stairs and then I heard "Oh no! Someone pooped on the floor down here!" (Gee... I wonder who that could be... hmm... maybe the kid who came up stairs naked?!?!)

So, I walked (ok, more like ran) down the stairs and sure enough someone had pooped on the floor. Awesome.

"Wyatt? Why did you take off your pull-up and poop on the floor?"
"Why I do that?" (typical response to any of my Why did you...? questions)
"I don't know! Why did you do that?" (typical response to his typical response)
"Because my pull-up was wet and I had to go poopy!" (oh yes. Now I see. Makes total sense.)
"Wyatt Moses it is not okay to poop on the floor!" (my oh my the things I hear myself say!)
"Why? Because I get spankings?"
"No. Because it's really gross that's why!"
"It's really gross and I shouldn't poop on the floor anymore?" (ding ding ding... right answer!)
"Yes, it is really, REALLY gross and I would really, REALLY like it if you would go poopy in the toilet from now on!"

And that was that. We cleaned up the mess and I put a new pull-up on Wyatt.

I am really hoping he gets the hang of this potty training thing soon!


Alyssa said...

LOL! Didn't Emmett teach him to go OUTSIDE!! :)

Trish said...

oh gosh, that was so funny! "someone pooped on the floor"