Sunday, September 6, 2009

Friday's post on Sunday night... yep... you heard me

I am sitting here waiting for Chris' shirts to be done in the washing machine so I can put them in the dryer and go to bed... and I thought, well, since I am just waiting, I mine as well start blogging about some of our weekend. Fun right? Right! It was fun!
We will start with Friday...
We spent the whole morning cleaning the house... when I say "we" what I really mean to say is I... I spent all morning cleaning... and when I say "morning" I guess I really mean late morning and most of the afternoon... let's face it... the house was a dump.
Ok, I spent most of the day cleaning. There.
I did take a short break to watch adorable little Icyle play in front of the mirror...And spit up in front of the mirror too... my little spit up princess!Ok, back to the whole cleaning thing. I cleaned the whole house because we were having our good friends, The Wheats, over for dinner. They have been some of our closest friends since we moved to Texas, and Chris has known Jay, since they were kids. We had not had them over since we moved and so it gave me a great excuse to really clean the house... isn't it great motivation to clean when you have company? I think so!
Well, the house looked cleaner then it ever had before... I even cleaned all 4 bathrooms... this is the part where you pat me on the back and say "Good job, Amber!"... and I finally cleaned off the counter after living here for 2 1/2 months... yep... I am so on top of things!
We had a great time with the Wheat family! Connie was my first TX friend! She will always be my btff (best TX friend forever)! Chris and Jay have known each other for years and they always seem to just pick up where they left off when we get together. Wyatt and Aidan have been going on playdates since before they were born and are totally bffs. Icyle and Audrey are 2 months apart... Icyle is 4 months and Audrey is 2 months... and I am hoping that they will grow up to be great friends just like their brothers are!
I didn't take many pictures while they were over, leave it to me to wait to the last few minutes to pull the camera out... but anyways... here are the pictures I took...I love the hair differences in this picture... so cute!Wyatt wasn't too happy that Aidan was playing with Icyle...Can't we all just get along?There was lots of running and playing... Icyle had a nice conversation with the monkey...Aidan entertaining Icyle...Wyatt said he was "just giving hugs" to Aidan... but I am pretty sure he was tackling him for playing with Icyle again...
By the end of the night, Icyle was spent... we all were. We were stuffed full of homemade pizza and apple crisp with ice cream! It was all so good... not to toot my own horn, but I made a mean apple crisp! We had a great time talking and catching up on life... the guys talked about work and ufc, us girls talked mostly about mommyhood, the boys played with toys (and Aidan played with Icyle, much to Wyatt's dismay) the babies played/slept... and it was wonderful!


Trish said...

ooooh i want to try your apple crisp! that last pic is so beautiful!

Alyssa said...

sounds like so much fun - and I am also interested in learning more about your mean apple crisp! How did your no rise pizza dough turn out?