Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wyatt's funnies

Wyatt has some very funny things he says lately... here are some ones that made me laugh out loud...

"My feet are taking a nap!!" - said when his feet fall asleep

"Where are me?" - said when he is hiding "Oh!! Here I am!" - said (very excitedly) when he finds himself

"Oh yeah!" - said all matterafactly when he thinks he knows what you're talking about

"Oh no!! What happening?" - said (more like yelled) pretty much every time he is watching an "intense" part of a movie

"You mean like, may I have poop come out of my butt please?" - said very confusedly when I asked him why he didn't tell me he had a poopy diaper

"Well... I watch a movie anyway!" - said very snotty to me when I said he couldn't watch anymore movies (I didn't give in... but it made me laugh... darn!)

"I know, look at this place!" - said in a proud/ surprised voice when I tell him he's made a mess

"What doin' guys? Why laughin' guys?" - asked to Chris and I when we were laughing about something that had happened
He is a funny kid! I think I'll keep him!

Oh and he made his first joke yesterday... Chris told him to go get him a Dr. Pepper out of the fridge... which Wyatt loves to do... and he came back with a jar of sweet relish and said "Here is your pop daddy!" and had a super funny look on his face... then we all laughed and he said "I just kidding daddy!" as he walked back to the kitchen to put it back and get a real pop.

I can't help but love that kid!

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citydweller said...

I LOVE the new look! It is so cute!