Thursday, June 25, 2009

When the Bisagni's come to play

The other day the Bisagni's came to play at our house while Aiden was at VBS. We love the Bisagni's... they are some of our best friends! Wyatt has become really good buddies with Emerson (or Emertim as he would say), Adelaide, and Aiden (who, like I said, was at VBS). Their mom Caroline is one of my dear friends... we have a great time together and she makes a mean carrot cake (which she was SO kind to bring a piece to share with me).
We all played and then for snack time the kids had crackers... mostly because that was they only snack I had in the house... and while we were eating Emerson said, "Aiden's at HEB!" (which for you MN peeps, HEB is a grocery store). Then I said "Oh, do you mean VBS?" and Emerson said "Yeah. HBS." It was really funny... I couldn't help but laugh!
Here are some pictures of the kiddos during snack time.... Wyatt and Emerson... they are too cute together!
Adelaide... she is one of the cutest little girls in the world and she loves me... I'm pretty much her favorite! he he... I love it!

And my adorable Icyle... she didn't get a snack... but she enjoyed hanging out in her swing while Caroline and I ate some delicious carrot cake (seriously it was so awesome!) and some yummy coffee (which she also brought... she is so great!) and then, while the kids played and Icyle slept, she helped me get the kids room put together and she cleaned their bathroom!! Again... she's so great!
We love when the Bisagni's come to play! A good time is had by all... well... there were a few small incidents... like Wyatt accidentally smacking Adelaide in the face and a finger or two getting pinched in the closet doors... but over all I would say it was a success and that we all had fun!

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