Thursday, June 25, 2009

mmm mmm good

Wyatt really wanted to go swimming... but the pool was closed for cleaning. He was SO sad about not being able to go swimming so I cheered him up with his fave food, goold ol' mac and cheese. He really enjoyed eating it... as you can see! Look at those adorable fingers... he is so cute when he eats!Later that evening Wyatt and I made, as he called it, stick dinner! He was such a great helper! He made 2 sticks of veggies... one had like 5 or 6 pieces on it and the other had 2 or 3. He kept taking bites of the veggies and sticking them back in the bowl... good thing it was just our family who was eating them! Then, when we actually ate the food, he only ate the chicken and one bite of a red pepper... and he only ate that because Chris told him if he didn't eat it he couldn't got for a bike ride. Funny kid!
It was a day of food fun at our house! Mmm mmm... good!

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