Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What you might have missed...

So it's been a LONG time since I've blogged... so here's what you might have missed:

I am pregnant... very pregnant... with baby #3

She is due to join our family any day now! We are super excited to meet her and have her in our family!

What about my other 2 kids you ask... well...

My wonderful kids are quite into dressing up these days...

And to be honest, I encourage it! What's more fun then pretending to be a super hero and saving the beautiful princess from the evil bad guy? It's fun! That, and it keeps them busy! 

I am blessed to have children who play really well together! Icyle basically follows Wyatt's every move and Wyatt loves it! He is happy to have her as his play mate (as long as he's in charge) and it makes my heart happy to hear them playing so nicely together! 

 So having kids play dress up at home is one thing,
but I have become THAT mother, you know the
one I am talking about, the one who lets her kids leave
the house in their dress up clothes... it's funny, I used to
always think those moms were SO weird for letting
their kids leave the house that way... now I realize it's
the spice of life... that and a battle of life that's just not
worth fighting!

So, yes, my children are often dressed as super heroes
and ballerinas when we go to the grocery store or to Target...
and yes, I often get funny looks from people who, like me, just
don't understand... but the kids never notice and obviously don't
care what others think... they just care what I think... and I think they are adorable with their little dress up clothes on and I am proud to take them anywhere wearing capes and tutus!

And since my kids love dressing up so much, that's a lot of what they are getting for Christmas! And since they can't read yet, I can write that on my blog with no worries of them finding out!

Speaking of Christmas... I am very excited about Christmas this year! Not only will we have a new baby, but we will be blessed with having my parents and brother here to celebrate the holidays! This will be the first time we have had them down for Christmas and I am SO looking forward to it!

Also, I am excited to see how all the sleeping arrangements work out... we have not had any company since we've moved to this new house and this will be our trial run for March when we will have my parents and my brother and his family here! I am so happy to have a house that will be big enough to fit all these wonderful people! It will be SO fun!

Hmm... so... we have covered the pregnancy and the kids obsession with dressing up... Christmas plans... what else... hmm....

Well, I have been in full blown nesting mode today... I feel this need to clean and sanitize the heck out of everything... partly because the house just needs a good cleaning and partly because we are having this baby at home, like we did with Icyle! I am really looking forward to another home birth... it was such a great experience with Icyle and I am praying it will be just as great an experience with this one! So, since this baby will be born here, I am trying to make sure that the house is really clean (even if it doesn't stay that way for long) so that when I do go into labor I wont have to worry about cleaning the house!

Anyways... that's all for now! I am really REALLY going to try to keep up with blogging again!

So here are two last pictures to leave you with...

Wyatt in his jammies because he's sick...

and my sweet little Icyle with a rather dirty face...

man, I love these little blessings!


Christ follower said...

I love it, the info, the pictures, even the new 'look'. I can't wait to be there in person and snuggle with each one of those little ones!

Jennifer said...

awww! Your kids are too sweet! And I love that you are "THAT" mom. So fun!

Alyssa said...

that reminds me I've got to mail your blanket!!