Friday, November 19, 2010

Random thinkings

The house is decorated for Christmas... and it's clean... very clean... so clean in fact that I have given this baby permission to come out at any time... well, any time after Sunday. I say Sunday because my midwife will be home from her vacation on Sunday and I really would like her to be here to deliver this little peanut!

So, yes, any time after Sunday baby...

It's fun having the house set up for Christmas... makes me happy and sort of giddy! I look at fire place with 5 stockings lined up along the mantle and think about Christmas morning when my family will be here and the kids will come down the stairs on Christmas morning and see their stockings all full of fun surprises... how excited their little faces will be and the fact that we will have a new bundle of joy to celebrate with! And I think about how different life will be for us in just a couple short weeks or maybe even days... when this new little one joins our family... it will be so fun and yet I remember how much work new babies are!

However, it will be a lot easier to eat once she is born... tonight while I was eating dinner I found it frustrating how far away from the table I had to sit in order to make room for my baby bump... I felt like I could hardly reach my plate and I was afraid that every bite was going to end up in my lap before it got to my mouth! But I managed... a pregnant woman always does!

That gets me thinking... wouldn't it be really nice to make a table for pregnant women with a crescent shaped cut out to make room for her belly? I think that would be really lovely... maybe it could be a removable piece that you could put back after the baby is born! Now I'm thinking... this is a genius idea... I should totally market it!

Anyways, Icyle fell on her head tonight... I felt really bad! She was doing something (like reaching for a book on the floor or a toy or something) and fell over the arm of the chair and landed on her forehead/nose ... she cried really hard and I don't blame her... we have concrete floors! She now is sporting a lovely bruise on her forehead and I am curious to find out what it will look like in the morning! I swear during bath time I could see it getting darker! Poor girl...

I put them to bed early tonight... they were both tired... and a little bit very cranky tonight. I just decided they needed to go to bed early... so they took their baths and were in bed by 7. I didn't hear a peep out of either of them so I am assuming they knew, just like I knew, that they needed to go to bed early. I am grateful that it now gets dark around 6ish so that I can put them to bed early and they don't even really know it is early because it is already dark outside! In the summer time that doesn't work as well since it is super bright outside till like 9pm... but that doesn't matter now.

I am super tired myself... but I am trying to wait up for Chris to get home... but I don't know if that will happen. He said he was going to bring me home this one dish I have wanted to try so I really, REALLY hope he does... I don't remember what it's called but every time I see the commercial for it I drool! I guess I could always go to bed now and eat it for breakfast tomorrow! We'll see!

Yah... I think I'll do that... go to bed now and eat Olive Garden for breakfast! Nighty night!

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Christ follower said...

I can't wait to see their faces on Christmas morning, either! And you can count on me being a baby hog also!