Sunday, May 23, 2010

Icyle lately...

Icyle turned 1 on May 5th!

She is busy being a big girl...

Walking all over
Talking all the time
Playing little mama with her dolls
Reading books to herself
Climbing up and down stairs
Climbing up onto pretty much anything she can get onto
Making a mess of the kitchen cupboards
Terrorizing her big brother
and pretty much just doing what 1 year olds do

She is a delightful child with a smile that melts my heart, and she pretty much wiggles her way into everyone's heart she meets... it's hard not to love Icyle with her joyful personality, chubby legs, and ready smile!

She is becoming quite the little water queen! This one was taken at Schlitterbahn where she was actually not too fond of the water, but since then she has grown to love it. We frequent our little community pool and Icyle is always happy to be in the water! She also is happy to walk around and find things to stick in her mouth!

We celebrated Icyle's birthday by going to Chuck E Cheese... she was absolutely amazed by the rides... she literally had this face the entire time the rides were moving...

... then the ride would stop and she would get down and go to the next ride pointing and saying "Uh, uh, uh, uh." until she was on it... and then this face would return! It was SO fun to watch her ride the rides!

Here she is riding another ride with Chuck E... she and Chuck E were seen kissing before this photo was taken... I guess she has a thing for mice?

Icyle is the little mama of our household... she always has a doll in her hands or is pushing one around in the stroller. One day I was watching her play mama... she put her dolls in the stroller pushed them around, stopped, looked at the dolls in the stroller and said, "HI!!" then she picked up her dolls hand, made it wave at her and then went back to pushing the stroller around. This type of thing happens almost every day and it just makes me smile! I could watch her play dolls all day... but then I would get nothing done and that wouldn't be good!

Here she is hugging her dolly that she got for her birthday from Gramma and Papa! She is a very loved dolly!

Icyle, I love you more than you know! You make me giggle and I am so glad I get to be your mommy!

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Alyssa said...

Can't wait to see her toddling around! I love her #1 shirt! SO cute!