Tuesday, January 12, 2010

You know you're a mom when...

... going to the bathroom is a family affair.

... poo poo is exciting.

... 4 hours of sleep is considered a good night.

... you wear a shirt that has snot on the sleeves and shoulders and you don't know who's snot it is.

... you know every word to the Larry Boy soundtrack.

... you can quote Disney's Beauty and the Beast word for word.

... going to Target to look at toys is the outing of the day.

... sleeping in seems like something from a different lifetime.

... words like stupid, shut up, and dumb are the worst words in the world.

... the word "bingy" is like a cuss word.

... all you ever do is laundry and clean up after others.

... the word "NO" comes out of your mouth over 100 times a day.

... your huge purse is full of diapers and underwear and only one tiny pocket actually has anything for yourself.  

... 7am is considered sleeping in.

... the only thing you accomplish in the entire day is brushing your teeth.

... laundry day is every day.

... caffeine is your drug of choice.

... when you lock the bathroom door to have just 1 minute to yourself.

... finding m&m's in the couch is normal.

... going to the grocery store by yourself for one item takes an hour because you are just so happy to be alone.

... you pack a lunch for everyone else knowing you will just eat the leftovers.

... you prefer to go to Costco because they have double seater carts.

... your world revolves around short people who pee their pants and constantly have dirty faces.

You know you're a mom when you love said short people more than anything else
and when all is said and done, you would do anything for them!


Alyssa said...

Perfect! I love it! That picture of you three at the end is adorable too!

citydweller said...

I can relate to the one about the grocery store! I would wander the store listening to the soft music playing! I think Wyatt looks SO much like Chris in this picture!