Thursday, January 14, 2010


Yesterday, through 2 different resources, I was convicted of not spending enough time with my children... ok, maybe spending time are the wrong words to use... you see I spend all day, everyday, with my children but I scarcely spend time with my children... do you get what I am saying?

No? Yah, I am not quite sure if I get what I am saying... let me try to explain a little better.

So, I, being a stay at home mom, spend pretty much every waking moment with my children around me. I mean, I don't even go to the bathroom without one, or both, of my children in the restroom with me. But yesterday as I was talking with my dear friend, Kelly, about motherhood and the calling that the Lord has given both of us to be stay at home moms and home makers, I was convicted. We talked about how we so easily get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life that we rarely take time to really spend time with our children. And then I got home and read a blog that further convicted me. Mckmama said that someday we would miss these days... the days when our children want us to play with them, want us around, want... us. And I was convicted that I, like many other stay at home moms, take the precious time I have with my children for granted.

I will be the first to admit it, I am selfish. There are many days when I think nap time can't come soon enough so I can have some me time. Or days when I get frustrated at my children because I am in the middle of something (something that is probably not even important). Or days when I planned on doing laundry and they just need my attention all day long. Or days when I just want to play on the computer and I just want them to sit and watch a movie. Really? Am I really that selfish? Sadly, I am.

So, I have been convicted. Convicted of my own selfishness and truly convicted that I have not been a good steward of the precious gifts the Lord has blessed me with.

So, today I tried. I tried to set aside my selfishness, and tried to put my children before myself... I tried to remember that someday I will miss these days... I tried to remember that my children and their salvation is much MUCH more important than a few minutes of me time... I tried to remember that I want desperately to bring glory to God and be a good steward of these precious children he has entrusted to me. I tried to remember these things. Tried... and failed at some points.... but mostly tried.

I am praying that I will get better at truly spending time with my children... not letting the days go by just waiting for my me time to come, but taking advantage of the time I have to teach and train my children in the ways of the Lord and taking advantage of this time that the Lord will teach and train me through the time I spend with my children.

I am thankful that the Lord used a friend and a blog to convict me... when these years have passed, I will be so thankful that I took advantage of this time with my children.... when days are long and hard, I will really try to remember that I will miss these days (even if I think I wont, I know I will)... when Wyatt wants to snuggle and I want to do the dishes, I will remember that he is more important than an empty sink... when Icyle wakes up and wants to nurse in the middle of the night, I will remember that soon enough she wont need me at all... and so I stand convicted... let me always remember.


citydweller said...

I get tears in my eyes remembering times with you and your brothers. I love it when you still need me for advice or a recipe or babysitting :). AND I absolutely adore being a grandma. Nothing is the same as those precious minutes of baby, toddler, preschool days when their world revolves around you and God has placed an awesome calling on your life to raise those little ones for His glory.

Alyssa said...

Such a beautiful post. Isn't it great when God so gently and subtly reminds us of our priorities? The gentleness and subtleness of God's love can then be reflected in our lives - or at least we can TRY :)

Wood family said...

Wow! This is totally how I feel too. I've been very convicted of that lately. I have to constantly remind myself that it's not about ME! Ugh...not easy. It's all about denying myself and saying ok God how can I serve YOU today! I'm so glad I'm not the only one! = )

John, Jamie & Hailey said... I feel ya. What a great way to express how easily we get caught up in what we think has to be done today.You go girl! Reading your blog really makes me want to say, in God I trust to provide for our family...even though my head says NO WAY YOU CAN AFFORD TO STAY HOME! Thanks for sharing your convictions! It's still a battle between my head and heart/spirit! Good thing the decision falls on John's shoulders...I couldn't handle it! ;-)

Michigan Kate said...

Thanks Amber, for being so honest! I am in that same place.... I've been convicted about how much time I spend on the computer or doing other things instead of spending time with Aaron

ATBurton said...

Thanks SO much for posting this Amber, I love it! Even though our little guy is so small, we feel drained trying to figure him out and meet his needs and get some rest ourselves. It is easy to get frustrated with him because things aren't going right...and it makes me sad when I look back on those times of stress and frustration at how much I could have been cherishing him and loving on him instead.

Thanks for encouraging me in this way through your post. Hope you have a wonderful week with those beautiful kids! Tyler

Blomgren2 said...

Amber, Thanks for your honesty! I can totally relate already! So sad. It's easy to love them when they do things the way we plan right? I too want to really spend quality time with Norah!