Monday, January 11, 2010

Keeping warm....

We woke up to a very cold house this morning.

See we turn off the heat most nights while we sleep because the upstairs gets really warm if we leave it on all night.

So, we woke up to a very cold house this morning.

Since the house was very cold, 40 degrees type cold, we decided to build a fire.

It was a lovely fire and the kids really enjoyed it.

It was nice to be able to sit by the fire and keep warm.

When the fire was really going, Wyatt said, "Mom, the fire grew up... it's not a baby anymore!"

I laughed.

I guess cold mornings aren't so bad if we have a fire keeping us warm.


Alyssa said...

that's so fun you have a real wood burning fire place!

citydweller said...

Cute picture! We may be colder than you but our houses are warmer in the morning!