Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Out of the mouth of Wyatt...

I have been wanting to write this post for awhile, but this first one, that happened tonight, cracked me up so much that I decided I had to write it down so I didn't forget it.... so here are some of the things I have heard Wyatt say over the last few days that have just cracked me up....

Wyatt to Icyle while he was trying to play trains and she was trying to destroy his track:
"No no little honey, touch it again and you'll get a spanking... okay... you touched it... now you're getting a spanking!"

Wyatt to me while I was using the restroom:
"Mom... did you go poopoos? Do you need me to wipe your bottom?"

Wyatt to me after he used the restroom:
"Mom, I went to the bathroom... now say, 'Oh honey I am so proud of you! Okay, mom, say that."

Wyatt to me after I made tortilla soup for dinner:
"Oh mom, how did you do this!?! How did you do this food? This is berry berry wonderful... and it has carrots, right mom?" (yep) "and chicken..." (yep it does) "and, oh, what's this? Chips!?!? Do you remember there is chips in this tortilla soup!?!"

Wyatt to me whenever my phone rings:
"Mom, your phone's calling you."

Wyatt to Icyle whenever she cries:
"Oh, baby girl... oh, it's okay baby girl..."

Wyatt to me when I was flicking Icyle's hand for touching the Christmas tree:
"No mom... I love her! I love my sister... don't flick her!"

Wyatt to Chris when they are playing super heroes:
"Come on Superman, lets shoot bad guys."

Wyatt to anyone who calls him Wyatt:
"No, my name is Batman!"

Wyatt to me on Christmas morning as he was opening a present:
"It's a box... oh thank you mommy... thanks for this box!"

Wyatt to Icyle as I was helping her open her present on Christmas morning:
"Oh, baby girl... Oh, that's just 'dorable!"

Wyatt to me as he was getting his pjs on:
"Oh look, I can make my penis move... cool huh mom?!"

Wyatt to me as I was feeding Icyle:
"Mom, is that baby food?" (yep) "Oh, I am eating boy food."

Wyatt to me while we were eating sausage at breakfast:
"What sausage is?" (it's meat and it comes from pigs) "No silly... we don't eat pigs!" (yeah we do... sausage comes from pigs) "No mom, sausage comes from the grocery store!"

Wyatt to me while I was cracking eggs for breakfast:
"Oh mom, can I help you pop eggs? I love popping eggs!"

Oh, Wyatt, how I love you... thanks for bringing so much laughter and joy to my life!


citydweller said...

So funny! I loves them all! I miss you, Wyatt! I am glad to know where sausage comes from now.

Alyssa said...

I love it! So cute! This is the kind of stuff you will be SO glad you documented!