Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wyatt lately...

I realize its been yet another long stretch since I have blogged... partly because we didn't have a computer for awhile and partly because, well, I just didn't have a lot of things I felt like I wanted to say. 

But since its been awhile I thought I would give each kid their own post... so here we go.

Wyatt... I so love this little kid! He is absolutely adorable, wonderfully charming, and wildly imaginative!

A few weeks ago we went to Shlitterbahn (a huge water park here in TX) for Wyatt's friend's birthday party. We had such a great time and Wyatt is seriously a fish in water... even when it's really cold water!

See the wrist band he is wearing... it's still there. 

We have very frequent conversations about going to Schlitterbahn "yesterday" (in Wyatt's world everything that has happened in the past happened "yesterday") and how he still has the bracelet because he had so much fun!

It really just makes me laugh... and lots of other people think it is hilarious that he still has on his ever fading Schlitterbahn bracelet. We will see how much longer it lasts! 

Also, he has been turning into different things lately... one day this was the conversation we had:
Wyatt: How are you feeling mom?
Me: I feel fine, Wyatt, how are you?
Wyatt: Oh, I feel kind of weird... maybe like I am turning into a Dragon or something?

I cracked and then made that my facebook status... cause thats what I do when something makes me laugh. Wyatt was a Dragon for about 2 weeks.

Then after watching Disney's Tarzan and going to the Zoo, Wyatt decided he was a Jaguar. He was a Jaguar for about a week and then Chris introduced him to Star wars... now he is Dart Nader (aka Darth Vader)... he wears a cape (his green blankie) and carries a light saber! It is pretty intense. 

Wyatt has also invented a new game... 
Canned Ham Skating!

It is a game in which you skate on Canned Hams (as seen above) and try to make it from one end of the kitchen to the other without falling on your face and breaking either yourself, your sister, or your mother's toes.

He loves it and I give him props for being SO creative! If you have some canned hams lying around... here is a new use for it!

We spent Icyle's first birthday at Chuck E Cheese... Wyatt was quite the big winner...

See all those tickets in his pocket?

By the end of the night we had 180 tickets... with which my husband convinced Wyatt to spend them all on a giant cockroach toy... thanks hon! Actually the "prize" selection at Chuck E Cheese really sucks... I mean... what ever happened to whoopee cushions? Anyways.... I digress.   

Wyatt is altogether just a fun kid to be around... I enjoy every day that I get to spend with him!

Thanks for all the laughs Wyatt... you are my favorite little boy! I love you!

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Alyssa said...

I love the comment about feeling weird and turning into a dragon. That is hilarious! Darling posts! Nice to have you back!