Friday, August 28, 2009


My day honestly didn't start out all that spectacular... in fact I thought it might end up being one of "those days"... you know the kind I am talking about... the kind where you are cranky and the kids are cranky and all you can do is yell and discipline and yell some more (What? You've never had a day like that? Hmm...)... anyways, much to my surprise the day ended up being very lovely and even quite refreshing!

After a quick jaunt to the grocery store this morning to pick up a few items for my pasta salad I headed over to my dear friend and mentor's house. We get together about 2 times a month to eat, talk, drink coffee, and talk some more.... it is really quite wonderful. We often talk about child raising.... partly because I am in the midst of raising children and also because she has been through the process already and has lots of wonderful, biblical advise to offer me. Today was no exception... we pulled out our 'Shepherding a Child's Heart' book (by Tedd Tripp) and dove right in. I try to be very honest with her about how I am doing on my being consistent with disciplining Wyatt and where I am struggling with issues and so on (you know the struggles that come when I have "those kind of days"). She is always so encouraging and even when she corrects me, it is done in an encouraging and refreshing way... she really is just refreshing to be around.

We always try to plan our time around the kids naps, so when Wyatt and Icyle lay down, we start our french press coffee, grab our books, pour and sweeten up our coffee, then sit on the couch with both our books and our coffee (and sometimes some treats) and we read and talk and laugh and cry and just enjoy ourselves.... and that is what we did today!

As I was sitting there with Martha, my good friend Caroline called and asked if I would take their kids tonight so they could have a date night (we have been trying out this swapping kids for date night thing that works out really well). I said I would love to watch the kids and that Wyatt would love to have some playmates for the evening. So when we got home from Martha's house I quickly picked up our house that I had left a mess when I ran out the door on the way to Martha's house (What? You never have a messy house? Good for you!) Once the house was decent looking I did the dishes quick and by the time I was done, they were here.

Ok, so, Wyatt loves the Bisagni's... "Emertim (aka Emerson) is my best friend!" "I love Emertim, Aiden, Adelaide... thems my friends!" "Yeah! Emertim's comin to my house! And Aiden too! And Adeliade too!" "The Bisagni's are at my house? I am so happy!" Ok... so these are all things he said after he heard they were coming over... he was so excited he couldn't even eat his dinner... funny kid! They all played so well together, with the exception on one bite, a couple pushes, and a few hits, other then that it was great!

Wait. It gets better!

When Caroline and Francis came to pick the kids up, Francis fixed our clogged up disposal side of the kitchen sink! It was awesome! We had talked to the landlord on Monday about it and he said he was going to call a plumber (which if he did never showed up) and now, Friday, 4 days later our good friend comes and does it for us... really, such a blessing! And an added perk, while he was fixing the sink I got to hang out with Caroline... she's one of my favorite friends... just the kind of person you can't help but like... and she, too, is quite refreshing to be around!

So now that I look back at this day, the day that I thought had potential to turn out rotten... I think... wow... Thank You Lord for giving me the opposite of what I expected! Thank you for a day full of refreshing fellowship and sweet memories... for a day that turned out to be rather lovely!


citydweller said...

That was so sweet I am so glad you have such good friends! I love you!

Trish said...

seriously. i want/need a mentor/friend like that!! that's awesome.

Alyssa said...

sounds like a great day! I love reminders that God is in the small things and truly cares about us and gives us little things to say, "I love you!"