Saturday, August 15, 2009

Roll baby, Roll

It's official... Icyle is on a roll.
Or maybe I should say she can roll over.
She has perfected rolling from her back to her tummy... and would probably roll all over if she could now just remember how to roll from her tummy to her back... but she seems to have forgotten that one.
Either way, she is very quick to roll from her back to her tummy anytime I lay her down, and I bet if she would just lean her head to one side, she would just keep rolling.
I know she will be soon so I wont push it... I kind of like her staying where I put her... it's nice knowing she will pretty much be in the same place that I left her... the only exception to that rule is when Wyatt drags her across the room claiming "Baby Icyle is crawling mom!" (true story).
So anyways, I guess all I will say is that Icyle is not crawling, but rolling over... not quite as big... but for 3 months old it's pretty exciting!

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John, Jamie & Hailey said...

We miss y'all!! I am back at work...blah. But I am happy to say Hailey is becoming more and more of a happy baby and I am stoked about that. Her grumpy spells ran our lives for awhile there...Just means the next one will be super sweet...right?? :-)