Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Minnesota trip highlights

The kids and I went to Minnesota to visit family and friends October 28 - November 11. We had such a fun time visiting with, catching up with, and playing with my family and friends... here are some of the highlights from the trip... get ready because you are about to be hit with a ton of pictures!

The kids at
Lego Land
in the Mall
Of America

We ate pumpkin pancakes
on Reformation Day

Icyle was a bumblebee and Wyatt was a monkey

Icyle got into the Vikings game... she waved her touch down towel

Icyle got to experience her first trip to Old Spaghetti Factory

And Wyatt painted with Papa

We went to visit my Uncle Mark, Aunt Sherrin, and cousins Chelsa, Haleigh and Isaac
on their farm... Wyatt got to ride and drive (well, pretend to) the tractor

Wyatt and Emmett had such a great time running around and exploring the farm!

Icyle ate a few leaves and enjoyed the grass

I love these pictures... in the first one she is going for her paci!

With the help of my amazingly talented cousin Chelsa and Aunt Sherrin, we were able to make the girls homemade dolls... what a fun memory... and what a fun toy for the girls!

Total highlight from the farm is the Adobe Pizza made in their homemade Adobe oven... yummy!!!

The boys all ready for church on Sunday Morning...

All the cousins together...

Our trip home... me, mom and Icyle were smashed in the back seat...

while grandma and Wyatt had lots of room... but it was a fun trip!

Here we are with Boo and Enoch... they came to play a few times... we love them!!!

Here I am being creepy loving on Cara's baby bump

We had a wonderful time at the park... the kids played and Alyssa and I got to talk and have fun too... it ended up being an adventurous potty training day as well because they had removed the biffs so the boys learned the art of peeing on the wall... I believe it was Cullen (the little boy Alyssa was babysitting) who said "YES! I peed on that bug!" ....Nice...

We visited my grandma Lou (my dad's mom)

And beautiful little Eisley turned 1 the day before we left to come home to Texas...

It was so fun... the kids played, ate cake, and helped Eisley open her presents...
and got read to by Gramma...

and Icyle played under chairs...

It was a wonderful trip full of wonderful memories! Can't wait till the next trip!


Alyssa said...

It was SO fun having you and seeing all these memories again! I want your pictures! We'll have to send CDs to eachother - or could you put them up on picassa or something?

Alyssa said...

I just realized I never imported my pictures from park day - doing that now!

citydweller said...

SO fun! Great job in summarizing! I miss you all. Can't wain (but I will) until I get to use my gift from you on Friday!

citydweller said...

That is wait not wain.