Wednesday, July 22, 2009

We got our pool key! YEAH!!!

Today we finally got our pool key!!! We had a key that was supposed to be for the pool... but it didn't work and today we finally got the right key for the pool... so we had to go swimming of course! So we invited Wyatt's friend, Darley, and her mommy, who just so happens to be my good friend, Michelle, over to swim with us... we had an awesome time... we went to the pool that has a 2 foot kiddie pool too... it was great! The only problems were some pushing... which happens with 2 year olds... and that the ground was so hot Wyatt got 2 blisters on his toes from the hot ground... ouch!
We took these pictures while we were waiting for Darley and Michelle to get here...Icyle was obviously thrilled to be going swimming, as you can tell from her face!
Wyatt on the other hand... he hates swimming... NOT!
Wyatt was being a great big brother and making sure Icyle didn't fall off the step while I was taking the pictures!
Wyatt was so happy to be going swimming and Icyle is just ecstatic too!
Wyatt is just so excited he can't contain himself...
and Icyle was getting a taste of his hand... yum!
We had a fabulous time swimming and playing with our friends!!
Wyatt learned to "swim" under water all by himself today!!! I am so proud of my little man!
He and Darley are both super star under water swimmers... they can both hold their breath under water and "swim"... they are too darn cute!
And now both my kids have fallen asleep while I have been writing this post...
Wyatt is on the floor next to me and Icyle is in her bouncer... ahh... I love how swimming just zonks them right out... too bad it is only 5:00 pm and not bed time yet!


Alyssa said...

Icyle's swimsuit totally accentuates her darling little pudge :) I love it! Can't wait to snuggle with her soon!

Anonymous said...

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