Sunday, July 19, 2009

My little man...

He's a
sister loving,
daddy wrestling,
mommy kissing,
play-doh playing,
milk drinking,
movie watching,
joke telling,
diaper wetting,
puzzle doing,
blankie carrying,
PB&J eating,
snuggle loving,
music dancing,
friend hugging,
playground running,
toy hoarding,
barefoot feeting,
bath swimming,
nail clipper obsessing,
dinosaur roaring
little man


Alyssa said...

what a darling post - such a cute way to capture who he is right now - I might have to steal this idea for a future post! so creative!

JFK said...

Darling kids, Amber!
And your writing is engaging.
Alyssa enjoys you immensely, as you know! You are a wonderful sister to her.