Thursday, July 3, 2008


I am feeling very thankful for the blessings God has given me (and my family). These blessings come in a different forms, everything from having the money to pay for a Root Canal and Crown in cash, to having a friend I could call at the last minute to watch Wyatt while I spent 4 hours in the dentist chair, to finally feeling at home in a Church and for my friends!
I sometimes over look these blessings when I go through my days thinking about ALL the things I need to get done, but yesterday, I had 4 hours to just sit and think (and spit into a sucker tube) and I just felt thankful and blessed.
I have been struggling with feeling thankful and seeing all the blessings God has given me since I moved to Texas. I was more so feeling frustrated (or maybe even sinfully angry, for those of you who went to Bible Study with me) because I was so far away from my family and my friends. But yesterday I thought (for 4 hours) about how awesome it was that we had money to pay for this emergency Root Canal and about all the amazing people God has brought into my life, friends I can confide in, friends I can laugh with, friends I can ask my silly diapering questions to, and friends I can call up at the last minute to watch my child... and I realized how very Thankful I am for these friends no matter how new or old of friends they are. They are blessings!

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Kelly said...

You don't know how this post practically brought me to tears, Amber, as I have been praying for your contentment and joy as I know you have wrestled with being in SA so far from your family and friends. God IS good and I just have to tell you that I!!! am so thankful for you and your friendship! Big squeeze from the big cheese!!! :))))))