Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday weigh in...

4 lbs down this week!

I have no clue how I pulled this off. Yesterday I ate McDonald's for lunch and What-a-burger for dinner... so I really was thinking I was going to gain weight... but I was very pleasantly surprised to find that I lost 4 more pounds!

So that brings the grand total to 6 lbs so far! This calls for a celebration... I think I will go eat some cookies! Just kidding... Cake is much better for celebrations!

Well, actually, today and tomorrow will be rather boring food days for me. I will be eating 2 Eggs for breakfast, 3oz Chicken with green veggies for lunch and the same for dinner. I will be doing this every Monday and Tuesday for the month of October. It helps clean out the system... and helps me stay on track as far as eating healthy goes! SO I am excited to do it!

Well, I have another short term goal. I am leaving to go to MN on the 28th of this month... so 23 days and counting... and I would like to lose 10 lbs before I leave. That would be fabulous! Praying I can do it... it would be nice to feel good in my clothes before I leave!

Oh and a funny comment from Wyatt...

We were looking at some old pictures and I found one from right before I got pregnant with Icyle and I was thinner then and I said "I would like to be skinny someday!" and Wyatt said "Oh mama, you are skinny.... just like a T-Rex!"

Thanks Wyatt... I will try to remember that!

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