Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 random things about me... because I already did it for facebook, I thought I would post it on here too.

1. I am 26 weeks pregnant with a baby girl. Due May 5. Her name will be Icyle (pronounced ice-ll).
2. I sucked my thumb till I was 10... or maybe 11... then I got braces.
3. I am completely obsessed with my 2 year old Wyatt and my amazing husband Chris.
4. I am going to be 26 in like a week and a half... I feel like 26 sounds old... but I don't feel like 27 sounds old... so I am just waiting till I turn 27.
5. I got a ring from my grandma because I found a ring of hers that she had lost... and the other ring was my reward. Pretty awesome if you ask me!
6. I have a Bachelors degree in Bible and Youth Ministry. Someday I plan on using them.
7. I love staying home with Wyatt... But I think raising and training children is a much harder job then most people who work outside of the house have.
8. I am in the process of trying to potty train my 2 year old. It is a messy job... in more ways then one.
9. I love to laugh... I mean LOVE to laugh!
10. I love to make other people laugh too. I think I am pretty funny.
11. I am looking forward to summer... not the heat, but the fact that I will no longer be pregnant but will have my baby.
12. I really really enjoy eating out. I like eating food that I don't have to make! Plus it usually tastes really really good!
13. My brother and I used to play a game called "packing up" when we were little. To play you put everything in the room in one corner... it drove my mom crazy.
14. I love hanging out with friends... I just wish we all had more free time.
15. I could play games all day. That's what Chris and I like to do when we some free time! If you ever want to game it up, let us know!
16. I really don't like my dogs. I keep waiting for them to kill each other... but I don't think that's going to happen.
17. I hated onions all my life, until I got pregnant with Wyatt. Now I like them... well, most of the time.
18. My husband, Chris, is the only person I ever dated or held hands with... but once in pre-school I kissed a boy (I think his name was Evan) behind a wooden boat.... yep... and then I never kissed again till I met Chris... my guess is Evan was a really bad kisser... but I don't remember.
19. I used to be obsessed with the band Hanson. I thought I was going to magically meet one of them and then we would get married. I was wrong... thank goodness!
20. I have the greatest parents in the world. Everyone who meets them loves them, if you know them, you know why!
21. I am thinking about painting my toenails when I am done writing this "note". Then I will feel better about wearing flip flops. Oh, and I love flip flops.
22. I like getting new shampoo and conditioner... but I have a problem. When I get new shampoo and conditioner I have to use it right away and then I end up having bottles of almost empty shampoo and conditioner that never gets used up.
23. Once my husband hit me in the eye with a water noodle in the middle of Target. It wasn't on purpose, and he did say "defend yourself" but I didn't and I cried/ laughed in the middle of Target.
24. I have one tattoo, it's on my toe. I would get more, but I don't know where I would put them, and they are expensive.
25. ahhh... the last one, this should be the best one... hmmm.... ok, I got it! Once I punched my husband in the heart so hard that he blanked out for a few seconds... but it was his own fault because he turned back to a scary commercial that he knew I didn't want to watch.... so I blame him for the whole incident.

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Isaac said...

hey amber we have some games up here you might like. so if you come up you could play them. (just trying to get u to come up)